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American Water Treatment in Las Vegas provides and services premium water treatment systems to families and businesses in the Las Vegas area which include Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Pahrump.  We are your water treatment professionals dedicated to making your life easier, cleaner, and healthier. Plus, our products are engineered, manufactured and tested to stringent quality control standards. We service most makes and models of water softeners , reverse osmosis , water coolers , carbon filtration , and much more . Also, American Water Treatment delivers salt and changes reverse osmosis water filters.
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If you and your famiy are constantly battling dry, flaking skin or drinking enough water, you need to do something about it! American Water Treatment is your local water treatment professionals who will change your water into something you will absolutly love. A Water Softener will give you family the soft, beautiful. A person needs eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, but how much can a person drink with the nasty tasting Las Vegas water? With a Reverse Osmosis , you and your family will enjoy the wonderful taste of your water and be more willing to drink that eight glasses of water a day. 
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Hard Water Problems
Prevent Hard Water Scale Build Up!
Hard water causes scale build up in your water using applainces and pipes. Such as water heaters, ice makers, showers, bathtubs, faucets, and other fixtures. Damaging scale build up will cause expensive plumbing repairs and wastes energy. Over time, the scale compounds are very difficult and costly to remove. Studies show that the energy conception for hot water heaters is 20% to 29% higher with hard water. 
Water Softener Saves Money
Stop Wasting Time and Money on Cleaning!
Advantages of water softeners include softer skin when bathing or showering, over all a cleaner and softer affect on clothes while using less household cleaning products such as dish soap, laundry detergent, and body moisturizers. In addition, to leaving chalky deposits and soap scum residues on fixtures and faucets in your home, purchasing many cleaning agents to achieve a desirable outcome is costly and not always reliable. Saving you time and money in you everyday life.
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American Water Treatment in Las Vegas
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Practically every area of you home is touched by water in one way or another. The quality of that water affects tastes and smells, your skin and hair, appliances, and plumbing.
Quality clean water can make a vast difference in your life in so many ways!
Las Vegas - (702) 451-5591
Pahrump - (775) 727-8686
If you are looking for a water filtration system for you home or businesses in Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump, or Boulder City; we can help you! We have been helping homes and businesses get crystal clear, filtered, and purified water since 1983. That's over 30 years!
Las Vegas - (702) 451-5591
Pahrump - (775) 727-8686
Las Vegas' city water averages at 15-20 gpg hardness. We are the 'Very Hard' category. American Water Treatment carries a complete line of water treatment equipment designed to provide you with clean, quality water for your home and business.
Las Vegas - (702) 451-5591
Pahrump - (775) 727-8686
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We love clean water!
Customer Reviews Water Softeners
John S. in
Las Vegas, NV
"They were prompt and they did an excellent job, charging exactly what they quoted me. The installer disconnected my old unit and installed my new unit in 35 minutes, start to finish.
Anonymous in
Las Vegas, NV

"A local favorite, or highly recommended because they are a family owned business. If i call and have a problem they try and walk you threw it on the phone. They are very knowledgeable about anything with water treatment.
 I called off a post card i got and they sent someone right out to mu house gave me a free demo and a 25$ gift card to home depot. Sean was really nice and fixed the system i had for free. (it was an old system that was in the house when i bought it) It ended up braking from old age (as sean told me it might do) He sold me a system and installed it for free i later than got a Reverse osmosis system and he also put that in for free! I will never go any place other every again! They have given many of my friends the same demo and a gift card.

Richard Molinari in
Henderson, NV
Installed a new water softener and a reverse osmosis water purificator system.
Andrew, the service rep who did the work, is an nice, ourstanding young man, hard working, propmt, knowledable, and  someone who goes the extra mile to make the customer pleased. We couldn't be happier with his service, and highly recommend him. 
Customer Reviews
3855 Raymert Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Las Vegas - (702) 451-5591
Pahrump - (775) 727-8686