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American Water Treatment in Las Vegas offers Whole-House Carbon Filtration Systems is perfect for homes with municipally treated water.


These systems are designed to help solve special water treatment problems and are built for long life, and trouble-free operation. Effectively reduces aesthetic chlorine taste and odor.

Carbon filtration with water softener

We recommend the carbon filtration be applied in front of the water softener because of high chlorine content in city water. Chlorine causes the resin in the water softeners to break down prematurely. The carbon filter will increase the life of resin. 


American Water Treatment in Las Vegas sells, installs, maintains, and repairs carbon water filters from the best brands in the business.



Water Purification & Removing Impurities


The carbon filtration systems from American Water Treatment in Las Vegas use a basic and simple purification system technology. This makes our products easy to use and understand. Basically, carbon repels the water and attracts all kinds of impurities.


Residential & Commercial Customers


Since 1983, American Water Treatment in Las Vegas has provided high quality, timely and economical services to our Las Vegas area customers. Whether you want us to work on a small or large project in your home, we will suggest the correct unit for your building.


With American Water Treatment, you will always receive professional service and quality customer care. Our company is specialized in both commercial and residential applications of carbon water filtration systems. 


Purify Water at Microscopic Levels


Our carbon water filters can easily purify water to micron levels. In other words, they can remove impurities as small as one-thousandth of a millimeter. American Water Treatment in Las Vegas sells carbon water filters from brands which can easily remove all kinds of toxins and chemicals from your drinking water. 


Cost Effective Solutions


Carbon water filters are inexpensive. In fact, they are much cheaper than the electrical counterparts. In addition, they can produce much higher quality, purified drinking water for you and your family. You don't even have to worry about electricity bills. 


Get A Free Quote!


If you are interested in a carbon filtration system or have any questions regarding any of our services, please feel free to contact American Water Treatment in Las Vegas at (702) 451-5591. 

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