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American Water Treatment provide skilled expert services to a variety of Las Vegas and surrounding area commercial clients. 


Facilities that use washing machines, drinking fountains, dishwashers, or any water using equipment can benefit from the use of a commercial water softener. With a commercial water softener solution from American Water Treatment in Las Vegas, you can greatly decrease calcium and magnesium build up as well as save a great deal of money on maintenance and cleaning. 


American Water Treatment in Las Vegas offers installation, maintenance, and variety of commercial water softener systems. Having over 30 years of experience, we have acquired a level of expertise that aids us in tackling the most difficult water problems. 


If you are interested in a commercial water softener system for your business or have question regarding any of our services, please feel free to contact American Water Treatment at (702) 451-5591.


Having a reverse osmosis system from American Water Treatment is one extra level of safety you can install in you business to protect your employees and customers from illness if your drinking water becomes contaminated. 


Reverse osmosis systems work to purify water, and the unit will always be there to ensure the water your employees and customers uses is pure and safe. Eliminating the need to buy bottled water, saving money and tasting better!

Vesta commercical water softener
Commercial reverse osmosis.


Commercial water coolers have become common place in today's office environment. From the break room to the reception area a commercial water cooler provides a clean source of water for both the employees and the office visitors. With the aid of American Water Treatment in Las Vegas, we can help you choose and implement a commercial water cooler solution for your business.


A commercial water cooler is a great investment for any business to make. It will eliminate the monthly bill for water delivery to your business, the heavy lifting of 52-pound water bottles, and the storage issues for those large reserve water bottles. With a complete solution from American Water Treatment in Las Vegas, you will enjoy hassle-free clean water for you, your employees, and your customers.

Reverse osmosis cooler


We recommend the carbon filtration be applied in front of the water softener because of the high chlorine content in the water. Chlorine causes the resins in the water softeners to break down prematurely. The carbon filter will increase the life of the resin. 


American Water Treatment in Las Vegas sells, installs, maintains, and repairs carbon water filters from the best brands in the business.

Vesta commercial water treatment valve
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