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American Water Treatment in Las Vegas offers water coolers water coolers that provide a high level of water capacity and nine stages of purification. The water cooler systems have self-contained flow regulators and leak detectors for added value. For more information and a free in-home water demonstration, contact us. 


Step 1: Sediment Filter

  • Removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust, and pipe residue.


Step 2: Pre-Carbon Filter

  • Removes chlorine, chemicals, and pesticides.


Step 3: RO Membrane

  • Removes all metals, solids, arsenic, ect.


Step 4: Bio-Sure Plus Filter

  • Eliminate Free Radicals and Clumping 

    • Minerals neutralize the damaged molecules.


  • Restores and Adds Minerals

    • Minerals are utilized that are known to improve an array of     health concerns.


  • Enhance Alkalinity and Balance pH

    • Minerals increase the alkalinity and the balance pH.


  • Purify and Sanitize

    • There are 450 forms of viruses controlled in this filter by one of the strongest anti-bacterial agents.


Step 5: TCR/ Final Polishing 

  • Final Polish for fresh pure taste. 


Benefits of our Water Coolers:


  • Innovative design and technology

  • All stainless steel reservoirs

  • Balances pH levels in the water

  • Sanitation and immune detox

  • Nutrient boost

  • Speedy Water Replenishment


Benefits of our Water Cooler over Bottle Water:


  • Eliminates spillage

  • Eliminates storage issues

  • Eliminates the need to lift 42lb bottles

  • Eliminates bacterial contamination

  • Eliminates delivery inconveniences


Commercial water coolers have become common place in today's office environment. From the break room to the reception area a commercial water cooler provides a clean source of water for both the employees and the office visitors. With the aid of American Water Treatment in Las Vegas, we can help you choose and implement a commercial water cooler solution for your business.


A commercial water cooler is a great investment for any business to make. It will eliminate the monthly bill for water delivery to your business, the heavy lifting of 52-pound water bottles, and the storage issues for those large reserve water bottles. With a complete solution from American Water Treatment in Las Vegas, you will enjoy hassle-free clean water for you, your employees, and your customers.



A commercial water cooler system from American Water Treatment will fit in most any office or commercial business space. The thin body frame of the coolers makes these water coolers easy to place, install and maintain in just about any location. Delivery and installation can be completed in a quick and orderly manner. 



Cost savings come very quickly with a commercial water cooler from American Water Treatment in Las Vegas. Without the need to pay for water delivery or storage, your savings will quickly outweigh your expenses. With a commercial water cooler storage issues will be eliminated because there will no longer be a need to store big bulky water bottles in your office. So not only do you save money and office space, but time and energy!

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