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American Water Treatment's qualified professional water treatment service technicians can help you with most any makes and models.



American Water Treatment's Reverse Osmosis system eliminates contaminants from your water making your water the safest for you and your family. Remember, you need to service your Reverse Osmosis every year to keep your water the safest.  


Reverse Osmosis has annual filter changes that must be done to keep your water clear of any contaminants. The contaminants include chemicals, dirt, sand, and even unsafe poisons. Reverse Osmosis also has a membrane that usually needs to be serviced every three years. When a service man comes out. He will do a test and show you whether you need a membrane.


Occasional problems do happen, so our service men know how to fix leaks and get your Reverse Osmosis back up and running. 

Hard water can do damage to your home and pipes. American Water Treatment's water softening system transforms your old hard water into soft water that your skin, hair, appliances, and pipes will love. Having the system is the first step, Next, you need to take care of your system and American Water Treatment can help.


Water Softeners occasionally have problems, but no worries. American Water Treatment can help you get your system back up and running efficiently and effectively to provide your home with soft water. For your convenience, we deliver salt right into the holding tank. If you have questions about your water system, call us. We may be able to help you over the phone with step-by-step instructions, or we will have a friendly and professional serviceman to your home. We are here to help anytime you need it. 

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